College Recruiting

Rowing is one of the high school sports most likely to yield a college scholarship.

As you start thinking about the recruiting process, it is important to start to gather the test results, scores, and information that will make you a valuable recruit. You may want to create an athlete profile online or as a printable document to organize this information and make it easy to distribute.

US Rowing’s preferred recruiting platform is Captain U

Useful elements of an athlete profile include:

  • Basic physical stats: height, weight
  • School name, GPA, and graduation year
  • 2K Test time
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • Coach contact information

As an athlete, it is important to lead the conversation with coaches and avoid having a parent submit information and questions on your behalf.

As soon as you know you may want to pursue collegiate athletics, especially at a Division I or II school, it is important to work with your guidance counselor to start filling out the paperwork to become a recruited athlete. The NCAA has strict rules on contact periods and official visits for student athletes.