Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Get one-on-one coaching with a private lesson. Whether you are picking up an oar for the first time or looking to get additional coaching outside of regular program practices for your race lineup, you can get the tailored coaching you need.

If you are registering a multiple-person boat, waivers for every participant must be signed in advance.

Every lesson is 2 hours long.

A boat and oars are provided. Please bring water shoes, socks, sun protection, and water.

How to Register

  1. Create your profile in iCrew – select the “Private Lessons” profile from the registration page.
  2. In iCrew, go to the club store page and pay for your lesson pack.
    Payments are processed by PayPal by default, but we can also accept checks at your lesson.
  3. Before your lesson, go to “My Documents” in your iCrew account and make sure that your Medical Release and Code of Conduct forms are signed.

Small Boats

“Small Boats” is the standard term for 1-person and 2-person boats. If you’ve never touched an oar but would like to scull, you can start here. Or if you’re looking to take your small-boat game to the next level, these lessons are also for you.

Boat classifications:
   1. 1-rower boats: single (or 1x)
   2. 2-rower boats: pair (or 2-), double (or 2x)

Skill levels:
   1. introductory
   2. beginner
   3. intermediate
   4. advanced

A single lesson can be just for yourself or it can include one other person of your choice (e.g., your spouse, child, friend). 

Big (Team) Boats

Lessons are available for complete lineups looking for additional guidance outside of regularly scheduled practices. They are for intermediate/advanced rowers seeking to improve boat performance and speed with an eye toward competitions. If your boat lineup is set and you are looking for a coach to add value to your practice, this is where you start.

Boat classifications:
   1. 4-rower boats: four (or 4+), quad (or 4x)
   2. 8-rower boats: eight (or 8+)

Skill levels:
   1. intermediate
   2. advanced

Maximum number of boats allowed in a single lesson: 1

2021 Pricing

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