Parent Supervised Rowing

This program is available for adult BRC passholders who want to row independently with a minor child who is an experienced rower using BRC’s equipment. This program is not for beginner adult or youth rowers.

Assessment and approval by the coaching staff is required for participation in this program, and both parent & minor child must each:

  1. Know how to swim
  2. Pass a Flip Test

In addition, the parent of the child must:

  1. Complete our parent/child Medical Release Waiver
  2. Be present/with their child for the duration that the child is on BRC’s premises and rowing with/alongside the child while on the water
  3. Hold an active BRC rowing pass
  4. Purchase a “Parent Supervised Rowing” pass for each minor

A parent registering for this program understands and agrees that they assume all responsibility and liability for the health and safety of the minor child and themselves during the rowing activities.