Safe Sport

Belmont Rowing Center follows all policies and procedures established by USRowing safe sport to ensure that all athletes and coaches are safe.

2023 Updates

Effective immediately, all USRowing Relevant Adult Participants are required to take the 90-minute SafeSport Trained course. 30-minute Refresher courses are available as parts of this series after the initial training has been completed. Any member who is not defined as a Relevant Adult Participant (below), is not required to complete any form of SafeSport training. For more information, review our 2023 USRowing Safe Sport Policy.

Relevant Adult Participants 

The following Relevant Adult Participants are required by the USRowing Safe Sport Policy and the U.S. Center for SafeSport to take SafeSport training:  

  • Any employee, board member, committee member, coach, or administrator of USRowing or one of its Member Organizations 
  • Any USRowing licensed Referee
  • Any current or potential National Team athlete with the goal to participate in National Team selection such as development camp, trials, or selection camp
  • Any person(s) authorized, approved, or appointed by USRowing or its Member Organizations to have Regular Contact with or authority over Minor Athletes. This may include coaches, volunteers, medical staff, trainers, chaperones, monitors, contract personnel, bus/van drivers, or officials who have Regular Contact* with a Minor Athlete, staff, board members, and any other individual who meets the Adult Participant definition 
  • An adult athlete who has Regular Contact* with any Minor Athlete
  • Individuals in a position of power, including but not limited to coaches, staff, chaperones and board members, are required to take SafeSport training regardless of the total number of instances they have with minors. This includes positions of power held over adults only.

*Regular Contact Is defined as ongoing interaction where an Adult Participant is in a role of direct and active engagement with any amateur athlete who is a minor. USRowing defines ongoing interactions as five (5) or more instances of In-Program Contact during a 12-month period. For purposes of this definition, a competition is considered a single instance of In-Program Contact regardless of duration.