Summer Camp

No experience necessary!

Our weeklong summer camps are designed to introduce rowing to athletes who have never tried the sport before. Rowing is great for athletes who want to try a different sport to cross train, or for those that are still looking for the benefits of a team based sport.

After the camps, rowers will be prepared to enter our competitive rowing program as a novice rower and participate in races across the southeast. High school (or late middle school) is the perfect time to start rowing. Youth rowers need to be at least 14 years of age (or younger with coach’s permission).

2021 Summer Camp Details

June 7 – 118:00a – 10:00a$203/rower
June 14 – 188:00a – 10:00a$203/rower
July 12 – 168:00a – 10:00a$203/rower
August 2 – 68:00a – 10:00a$203/rower
Camps are limited to less than 10 rowers per session. 6 rowers must sign up for the camp to run. If less than 6 rowers sign up, the camp will be cancelled with fees reimbursed.

Financial Aid Available

We are offer scholarships for youth summer camps based on financial need. Scholarships are limited based on fund availability. For more information visit the scholarships page or contact

How to Register:

  1. Create your profile in iCrew – select the “Summer Camps” profile from the registration page.
  2. In iCrew, go to the club store page and pay for your summer camp.
    Payments are processed by PayPal by default, but we can also accept checks at your lesson.
  3. Before your camp, go to “My Documents” in your iCrew account and make sure that your Medical release and Code of Conduct forms are signed.